Great collection (250+) of vintage vacuum tube/valve books, a must have for any glowing glass audio addict. Includes only public domain books/articles with expired copyright (so there are no copyright infringements), published through 20th - 70th, in USA, Europe and Russia. Most books are in English, very few in Russian, 1 in Italian. This material is old by its age, but not old in terms of technology – last significant patents like (e.g. Futterman OTL, ciclotron, SRPP) are registered in 50th – 60th. Since then, virtually nothing special have been developed in vacuum tube technology.

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Divided into 5 major categories.

1) Assortment of 100+ books, in English. A crown jewel of tube knowledge. Just few of the list:
150 Radio Hook-Ups 1926-68p.pdf
Aeronautical Radio-Myron Eddy-1939-514p.pdf
Amplifier Builders Guide-Hugo Gernsback-1947-64p.pdf
Amplifier Builders Guide-Hugo Gernsback-1964-33p.pdf
Amplifiers-H.Lewis York-1964-254p.pdf
Amplifiers-The Why and How of Good Amplification-G.A.Briggs-1952p.pdf
Radiotron Designers-Handbook-4thEd-P.Langford Smith-1953-1498p.pdf
RCA High-Fidelity Amplifier Circuits-1959-28p.pdf
Reference Data For Radio Engineers-Federal Telephone and Radio-1946-335p.pdf
Reference Data For Radio Engineers-International Telephone and Telegraph Corp-1956-1121p.pdf
Reliability Factors for Ground Electronic Equipment-Keith Henny-1956-266p.pdf
Resonance and alignment-1936-95p.pdf
and many many others.

2) Manuals for special tube equipment – oscilloscopes, testers, voltmeters, CRTs (Ballantine, B&K, Hickok, EICO, Funke).
Unfortunately, very few of them

3) Catalog and data sheets for the following tube manufacturers:
Amperex, Arcturus, Brimar, Chatham, Eimac, Electronintorg-Russian, General Electric, Ken-Rad, Mullard, Philips, Rauland, Raytheon, RCA, STC, Sylvania, Taylor, Telefunken, Tung-Sol, Victoreen, Western Electric, Westinghouse, and some others made in Eastern Europe (Tesla).

4) Tube Books in Russian (30+)
Ranges from scientific-popular literature (e.g. nomograms to design output transformers) to exotic constructions like for example tube-based class D amplifier. For anyone who don't know, whatever today is referred as “digital amplifier” by general public in engineering terms called as “class D amplifier with pulse-width modulation”. Many books are useful anyway even for those not fluent in Russian because of their
universal nature.

5) Catalogs, data sheets and matching tables for Russian-made vacuum tubes (some are 1000+ pages long).
Matching tables (with datasheets) will allow you to find USA, European, Russian and even more exotic (like pre-JJ era Tesla, DGL, MEZ, etc.) analogs very quick and easy. Most of vacuum tubes manufactured today are made in Russia, so this information is simply invaluable!

Books are mostly in PDF, some in DJVU (freeware DJVU readers is available here), others are graphic format like JPEG/TIFF/GIF. Scanned quality vary, from excellent to readable.

Due to its age, copyright for this material have expired, and therefore, becomes public domain. If you can claim otherwise, please point to the particular title, I will remove it. There are some people who put their own copyright sign to the scanned material of public domain nature, and sell it apiece as their own. Photocopy of public domain cannot be copyrighted and vice versa, especially by those who did not created/designed it!
Feel free to contact me regarding availability of particular title. I can offer discounted price for anyone who has something I do not have. No copyrighted material offers!

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