Great collection DVD of 1000+ service manuals & schematics for vintage (made in 40th - 70th) vacuum tube/valve gears (tuners, amplifiers, R2R decks, etc.), a must have for any glowing glass audio junkie. Includes only public domain material, so there are no copyright infringements.

Order your DVD copy NOW just for $25 or 20 EURO!

Most are well-known 86 USA/Japaneese/European manufacturers (AKAI, Altec, Fisher, Kenwood, Leak, Pioneer, Revox, Sansui, Siemens, Western Electric, etc.) others are really exotic (Aerolia, Dresden, Kolleda, etc.).

Books are mostly in PDF, some in DJVU (freeware DJVU readers is available here), others are graphic format like JPEG/TIFF/GIF. Scanned quality vary, from excellent to readable.

Due to its age, copyright for this material have expired, and therefore, becomes public domain. If you can claim otherwise, please point to the particular title, I will remove it. There are some people who put their own copyright sign to the scanned material of public domain nature, and sell it apiece as their own. Photocopy of public domain cannot be copyrighted and vice versa, especially by those who did not created/designed it!
Feel free to contact me regarding availability of particular title. I can offer discounted price for anyone who has something I do not have. No copyrighted material offers!

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