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I have a number of interesting topics in the old version of this site. Old tips and tricks will not be moved here since I would like to keep new stuff separately from the old one.

Mounting Remote Directory via SSH (+MacFusion Snow Leopard Fix)
There are a lot of reasons why you may need to mount remote UNIX directory (for example /etc of your Linux server for convenient editing with TextWrangler) You need to install 2 packages - MacFUSE system extension and MacFusion application. The second is just a graphical front-end for easy access to sshfs. In MacFuion you need to define remote host, login, password, and directory to mount. Then click "Mount" button and remote volume will appear on your desktop just like another disk or server. After upgrading to MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard I found that MacFusion 2.0 does not work anymore, and no fixes were available at that time. After digging net, I found a remedy. First of all, upgrade to latest MacFUSE (new version was beta but worked fine), and then in Finder right-click on the MacFusion application and choose "Show Package Content". Navigate to "" and delete file.

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