PowerLook 1100, SilverFast, Whole Image PowerLook 1100, SilverFast (Standard Mode)
Final output (whole image) Standard mode produces image with too few details in dark areas
PowerLook 1100, SilverFast (Highlight/Shadow Cast Mode) PowerLook 1100, SilverFast (Highlight/Shadow Cast Mode + USM 100/5x5)
Highlight/Shadow Cast Mode yields noticeable better result USM (unsharp mask) is the last necessary step, it may be adjusted manually using preview in order to get desirable result. Output looks a little bit rough, but please take into account that output shown above is a small enlarged fragment of an image displayed above left, captured on relatively cheap midrange scanner..
Conclusion: These steps (properly selecting scanning frame/resolution; turning on auto-density, color cast removal for negatives and sometimes for slides or descreen for prints; selecting best scanning mode using preview; applying USM) are quite easy even to inexperienced users.