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Articles by Category
Finished: September 2000; extra scan tests posted later.
IT Management
Finished June 2001
Finished: June 2001
Finished: June 2000
Finished: March/May 2001
Under Construction
Finished: April 2001
Updated constantly
Running 68k MacOS under x86 Linux Finished: March 2002
Smart Package Management on RPM-based Linux Finished: June 2002
MacOS X  
Installing Midnight Commander (mc) on MacOS X Finished: November 2001
MacOS X Tips and Tricks Updated constantly
MySQL, PHP and MySQL Tools for MacOS X Finished: November 2001
Open Source/GNU Software for MacOS X - Summary Finished: November 2002
Safe and Happy UNIX Hacking with MacOS X Finished: November 2001
Finished: December 1996
Finished: January 2001
Finished: September 2000
Finished: March 2000
Finished: November 2000
CPU Evolution Finished: January 2000
Various Downloads  

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