Assorted Links

News & News References  
MacSurfer News headlines from many Mac sites
Macintouch One of the oldest and best news sites
MacNN (Macintosh News Network) Another great news site
Rumor Sites  
Links & References  
Ultimate Mac  
C/C++ Largest repository of open source projects Collection of free very useful C++ libraries
C/C++ User Journal  
STL Port STL for compilers with incomplete template support by Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies
Software Archives & Updates  
Version Tracker Go no further if you want to hunt down new updates, patches, demos, etc.
Info-Mac Greatest collection of Mac freeware & shareware
Linux Distributions for Mac  
LinuxPPC Oldest and possibly most popular Red Hat based Linux distribution on Mac
Mandrake Red Hat based distro, best for novices and Windows converts
MkLinux Mach-based Linux distribution, runs on NuBus based Macs
SuSE Linux Biggest and most professional RPM based Linux distribution on Mac
Yellow Dog Linux Another very good Red Hat based Linux distribution on Mac
Debian Linux Possibly the most powerful Linux distribution, but not for novices
Linux Resources for Mac MOL (Mac on Linux) emulator
Netatalk Open Source Project AppleTalk emulator for Linux (with AppleShare IP emulation)
SuSE Information Portal Very good information portal for SuSE Linux users
MacOS X Huge collection of MacOS X related techniques MacOS X for programmers


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