Scanners - The Ultimate Guide - Interface

Currently available scanners with parallel port, USB, SCSI and FireWire.

  1. SOHO scanners. May use any one of mentioned above. The most preferable is USB due to low price, adequate speed and hot-swap capability. SCSI interface may result slightly better performance, but SCSI is not hot swappable and cables are pretty sick. Also, please take into account, that even all currently manufactured PC motherboards have USB controller, they may lack USB connector which have to be installed at service center.
  2. Midrange scanners. Use either SCSI either FireWire but not USB because of throughput considerations.
  3. Professional scanners, like midrange, use certain flavor of SCSI (SCSI or UW SCSI) either FireWire. FireWire is still not so popular among professional scanner's manufacturers.

Tips from MacGuru

  • Professional flatbeds may work or may not with certain SCSI controllers and even motherboards. Always check manufacturer's compatibility notes before configuring scanning workstation.
  • Use separate SCSI bus for connecting extra peripheral like magneto-optical drive or CD-RW.

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