Linux for Die-hard Mac Users - Linux versus FreeBSD

Not so many people know, but open source BSD UNIX powers about 1 million of servers. To be exact, free BSD is not covered by GPL open source license (although publicly available in source code format), but rather BSD license. Unlike GPL, BSD license does not require modifications of sources to be submitted back to the community. May be this is one of the reasons why BSD didn't gained popularity of Linux. Currently 3 flavors of BSD UNIX available: FreeBSD (4,100 software packages), NetBSD (2,000 software packages) and OpenBSD (1,000 software packages). Further I will refer to all three as free BSD. As server platform, free BSD from the technical point of view was clearly superior to Linux with kernel v2.2. However, Linux kernel 2.4 allowed to match both platforms in almost all aspects. FreeBSD currently powers high-loaded sites like Yahoo and The last handles 750 GB of transfers per day and 3600 simultaneous connections on single Pentium Pro 200 PC.

Linux versus FreeBSD benchmarking may be found on the BYTE magazine web site.

Continued - Linux versus MacOS X Server...

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