Downloads - deb Packages for MacOS X

In these archives you will find deb packages of some Open Source UNIX software for MacOS X 10.x which (unlike a lot of other UNIX inherited software):

  1. Do not install anything into MacOS X system directories (except XFree86 windowing system which in most cases is not mandatory to install);
  2. Do not alter system files;
  3. Are very easy to remove;
  4. Installed files (except dot files) are visible in MacOS X Finder.

Everything will be installed into "/sw" directory on the root level of your startup volume.

All packages created with Fink, a port of the package management system from Debian/GNU Linux (one of the most powerful and advanced this days) for MacOS X.

Fink tutorial for beginners (Safe and Happy UNIX Hacking with MacOS X) is available here.

Package Version Notes Download Link(s)
MySQL 3.23.44 + 4.0.0 alpha #1 Open Source SQL server which powers over 1 million of Web sites, built with transaction safe InnoDB table support
Read me (HTML&PDF)

PostgreSQL 7.1.3 Open Source SQL server with advanced features Not ready yet
Midnight Commander 4.5.54-3 Powerful and capable console based file manager (experimental, use with caution !!!)
Read me (HTML&PDF)


System Requirements and Compatibility

Apple MacOS X (10.1 or later) with Fink (0.30 or later). May work with earlier version, too, but I have not tested.

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