Transmeta Crusoe

Crusoe is VLIW-based CPU with software layer which translates x86 instructions into VLIW words (detail description of VLIW CPUs can be found on this page).

Most significant features of Crusoe:

Code Morphing

Unlike CISC CPUs with RISC Core and CISC to RISC hardware decoder, Crusoe's performs translation (code morphing) of x86 instructions into VLIW words in software. Transmeta claims this feature allowed them to reduce transistor count by 75%.

Upgradable Code Morphing Software

Code Morphing software can be upgraded to support another instruction set or to enhance performance without replacing CPU.

Morphed Code Caching

Crusoe keeps morphed x86 instructions for further use. CISC CPUs with RISC Core and CISC to RISC hardware decoder (Pentium II/III, AMD Athlon) throw RISC-ops away after they have been used.

Monitoring & Smart Translation

Crusoe monitors program behavior (branch history, block execution frequencies) for further optimization (often executed x86 codes are prime candidates for advanced optimization).

Super-low Power Consumption

Crusoe draws only 1W at 300 MHz, making it ideal for notebooks and PDAs.

Continued - SUN MAJC...

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